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Our Client Says ...

I am a teacher of Chado (The Way of Tea) here in Boston, MA. I contacted Mr. Motoyama in Kyoto about recovering my tatami mats. The correspondence was very easy. Mr. Motoyama gave me many options as far as price etc., which I appreciated very much. Because of my busy schedule, he was happy to accommodate my requests on a particular date and time. I was a little concerned because although I had met Mr. Motoyama once in Japan, I didn't know him well. However Mr. Motoyama was extremely professional and kept in contact with me until his arrival, which was right on time and made me feel very at ease. He told me in advance that the work I requested would take two days, which it did. Mr. Motoyama kept the space in my home so that he was working in extremely clean and neat. He takes his work seriously and with great pride. He was kind, polite and very respectful to my ( home ) space. He did his work quietly and sufficiently without rushing. I am happy to recommend Mr. Motoyama to anyone ( who is ) looking to have ( tatami ) work done.